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Mentoring is a critical part of our current Strategic Plan and ongoing operations. Whether one-on-one or in-person, structured or unstructured, mentoring is the most effective way to share knowledge and wisdom that will ensure the success of the next generation of scientists. Mentoring is an activity fueled by human capital, and thus the full engagement of our members is an essential feature of the mentoring and continued professional development of our membership, both recent Fellows and our more senior Fellows who have joined the faculty and leadership ranks in the workforce.

Pipeline Development

We are committed to developing and supporting a pipeline of underrepresented minority biomedicalstudents. To achieve this goal, we engage in activities to facilitate the changing face of science through community involvement and support minority science outreach programs. Our members share their wealth of knowledge and experiences in order to inspire others to become engaged in the scientific endeavor and dialogue via our regional outreach activities which articulate the goal and foci of each regional hub in alignment with the overall mission and vision of The AUMF. And the Speakers Bureau plays an integral role in our outreach efforts.

Speakers Bureau

The AUMF utilizes the collective wealth of knowledge and experience embodied by our membership to provide a source of inspiration to engage students and get them interested in the STEM fields. Students have to be inspired and excited to develop an interest in the STEM fields and this interest has to be nurtured to be sustained. Our Speakers Bureau will focus on underrepresented minority undergraduate students to motivate them to become involved in the scientific enterprise. Specifically, we will focus on minority-serving institutions and the HBCUs. It is expected that there will be some outreach to high school students in underserved communities.

The Speakers Bureau comprises approximately thirty Fellows who are credentialed by the Outreach and Engagement Committee. They will work with identified undergraduate institutions to bring in groups of Speakers to have “Science and Career Days” where the Fellows will meet and talk with undergraduate students to focus them on STEM fields as a career.

**Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation: America’s Science and Technology Talent at the Crossroads. Committee on Underrepresented Groups and the Expansion of the Science and Engineering Workforce Pipeline; Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy; Policy and Global Affairs; National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine 2010.

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