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Dr Walker maintains advising and consulting relationships with companies such as Pfizer, SonoSite, VisualSonics, Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck and Co., ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI ) and Dragon Biotech-Hong Kong, China. While at Merck and with Harvard-MIT division of Health Sciences and Technology, Dr. Walker’s awards of excellence for his role in creating a photo-acoustics 4D imaging approach to detecting prodromal biomarkers of cancer, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases. Dr. Walker was twice awarded the ASPEN Health Policy Fellowship and has bridged his translational medicine research with his health care policy efforts. Other awards include, selection as 1 of 12 recipients (nationally) for The UNCF-Merck Company Foundation Research Dissertation Fellowship Award, Porter Foundation Fellowship (Am. Physiological Society), NIH RO1 Grant (Co-PI), and others. Dr. Walker’s publications (over 40) and multiple U.S. patents feature Strategic design and development of nano- and micro-particle technology platforms that enhance biomarker detection and gene delivery in cancer, cardiovascular, diabesity and Alzheimer’s diseases in Phase I to IIB translational and experimental medicine.

Order Finax online uk - Buy Finax online europe

Dr. Walker has been keynote speaker at many national and international medical conferences, including the 2006 XVth World Congress of Pharmacology in Beijing, China, and the FELASA International Conference in Lake Como, Italy. Most of his presentations carry, as the central theme, the integration of technology (molecular imaging and other approaches) and medicine in biomarker, drug, and device development to accelerate disease prediction and personalized medicine.

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