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In 2008, Dr. Fakunle and her postdoctoral mentor Dr. Jeanne Loring, Director of Regenerative Medicine at the Scripps Research Institute, were awarded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenge in Global Health Explorations grant award for a novel idea: “Generation of an Ethnically Diverse Panel of Pluripotent Stem Cells for Drug Screens”. Prior to their work, it was found that none of the currently available stem cell lines was of African origin. This disparity meant that the potential technology, cures and medicines that could be derived from this effort would have limited applicability to African and other ethnically diverse populations that were not represented. Dr. Fakunle’s work in the Loring lab led to the generation of the first African (Yoruba ethnicity) induced pluripotent stem cell produced from adult skin biopsy and since then we have generated iPSC’s from a multi-ethnic cohort of individuals including Caucasians and African Americans. These stem cell models can be used for population based studies to determine the effect of genetic variation on disease susceptibility and adverse drug reactions towards the development of better drugs and vaccines for the developing world.

Dr. Fakunle presents on stem cell research and its application for health disparities, global health and pharmacogenomics. She also presents on her personal journey from the country of her birth in Africa to the United States, as a student and now entrepreneur creating new directions in stem cell research.

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  • Generation of Ethnically Diverse Stem Cells: Implications for Personalized Medicine
  • Promoting Equity in Stem Cell Genomics: Potential Application of Stem Cells for Health Disparities Research
  • Creating a Nonprofit Company/NGO to Address Global Health Disparities
  • A Brief History of Tayo: A Journey from Africa to Promoting Equity in Stem Cell Research

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